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Resin driveways are increasingly popular, for very good reasons – they look good and wear well.
There are two types of resin: Bound and Bonded. Let’s look at the differences, as they will affect the cost and features of your new driveway.

Bound Resin involves laying a course of resin mixed with aggregates (gravel) onto a suitable base – we use porous tarmac or concrete to provide the best foundation for your new driveway.

The bound resin is trowelled on by hand to give a smooth, flat finish, with no loose gravel, that water will simply soak through.

So a resin-bound surface is multi-layered and permeable – water will not pool on its surface, and it is a more eco-friendly product.

Bonded Resin. In resin-bonded systems, a resin layer is applied first, then the gravel is scattered onto it before it sets a pre-applied resin layer before it sets.

resin-bonded surface is single-layered and non-permeable, which means water can’t soak through it. So you’re much more likely to have water staying on the surface, as well as stones coming loose.


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