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Tarmac Driveway Edged with Block Paving and Retaining Wall in Maidstone, Kent

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Maidstone Tarmac Driveway Project

TerraBase Paving is often contacted when nothing but the most professional landscaping and driveway solutions will suffice. This is one of the reasons why we recently consulted with a client in Maidstone. The owner was not satisfied with the current condition of the property and required what can only be termed a profound upgrade. How did we tackle this task? What materials were involved? Did the finished product live up to the customer’s expectations? Let’s answer each of these questions in slightly more detail.

From Formless to Functional

The garden associated with this property initially consisted of an uneven grassy surface bordered by a raised hill containing shrubbery. After speaking with the customer, it was decided that the majority of the area would be coated with a layer of asphalt in order to enhance its functionality as well as to increase its overall visual appeal.

We began by removing the top layer of soil along with any debris that was present. This step was followed by levelling the surface that would eventually transformed into a driveway. Due to the natural landscape, we employed both manual and mechanical methods. This saved time while also guaranteeing that the tarmac would be provided with a solid foundation.

The Benefits of Tarmac

Tarmac has always represented one of the most traditional driveway surfacing materials. Not only is tarmac resistant to water, but it is relatively easy to install. It is also a very cost-effective option while still providing any property with a decidedly luxurious appeal. It will last for years at a time and only a minimal amount of maintenance is required.

More than a Mere Driveway

Although the driveway represented the centrepiece of this project in Maidstone, we also needed to address a hilly area located atop the property. In order to keep this soil intact and to avoid disturbing the nearby shrubbery, our team installed a brick retaining wall. Such a wall offered a major visual upgrade when compared to an existing border of cement slabs. Furthermore, the use of modern brickwork helped to guarantee the structural integrity of the wall itself. Finally, a series of white paving stones was placed around the entire periphery of the driveway.

Why Choose TerraBase Paving?

All of these efforts resulted in a garden that was hardly recognisable when compared to its previous appearance. Once again, the professionals at TerraBase Paving confirmed why their services have been in high demand for well over two decades. Here are some additional benefits that customers can expect to enjoy:

• No-obligation consultations
• A second-to-none attention to the needs of the client.
• Highly competitive rates.
• Other services such as fencing, patios, landscaping, and drainage.

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