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Large Detached House Block Paved Driveway Project in Kent

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Driveway with Block Paving Stones in Kent

There are plenty of ways in which the appearance of a front garden can be modified. Common examples include new fencing, stonework and bespoke landscaping. However, driveways can often have a massive impact upon first impressions. Replacing an outdated driveway is also a very effective method and a recent undertaking in Kent clearly illustrates this point. How did the team at TerraBase Paving approach this project and what were some of the methods that we employed? If you are curious to learn more, continue reading.

The Hands-On Consultation

Similar to the other homes that we have dealt with over the past 25 years, it was apparent that the existing tarmac driveway had seen better days. Not only would a replacement ensure years of continuous use, but it would also transform the ambience of the entire property.

During the initial hassle-free consultation, the customer also decided to increase the size of the driveway so that it essentially encompassed the entire front garden. This would provide additional space while simultaneously complimenting the exterior brickwork of the home.

Why Choose Block Paving Stones?

Block paving stones are desirable reasons including:

• Numerous tones can be selected.
• The stones can be laid out in unique patterns.
• They represent extremely low-maintenance solutions.
• The stones are environmentally friendly options when compared to some other materials.

In fact, block paving stones may even be able to increase the resale value of a property. It is therefore clear to appreciate why this approach is one of our most popular methods.

Making the Most Out of the Existing Space

Space can often be at a premium within the Kent suburban community. This was one of the reasons why the client opted for a much larger driveway. Once we removed the older surface, the soil was mechanically levelled before a thin layer of sand was added. This sand would serve as a solid foundation for the subsequent stones.

Each stone was then put in place by hand; a task that requires experience and a significant amount of patience. This is also when the true “personality” of the driveway began to emerge. Our team employed a herringbone pattern within the interior as well as a series of white blocks that were placed around the border (these provided a nice visual touch).

Finally, a small area found within a corner of the property was filled in with stone aggregate. This punctuated the appearance of the driveway while also providing a unique method for water to percolate to the soil during periods of heavy rain.

Working with the Professionals at TerraBase

Please keep in mind that this is only one of the many services offered by our professionals. From natural stone patios to robust fencing and general landscaping, our talents are only a phone call away. Feel free to complete our online contact form if you wish to schedule a no-obligation consultation at a convenient time.

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