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Block Paved & Driveway Project in Tunbridge Wells

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Block Paved Driveway in Turnbridge Wells

Have you been considering the ways in which you can transform the appearance of your property? Do you wish to learn more about driveway paving options? If so, it is a good idea to appreciate the breadth of services provided by TerraBase. Although we offer many targeted solutions, one possibility comes in the form of block paving stones. A project in Turnbridge Wells that was recently completed can help to shed some light on this bespoke technique.

What Did the Job Entail?

One interesting fact about this project was the fact that virtually the entire front garden would eventually be covered in block paving stones. Not only would this provide adequate parking space, but the materials themselves served to accentuate the brick facade of the home.

Therefore, we first needed to mechanically (and manually) remove all debris before levelling and compacting the surface. After all, a strong foundation is critical in terms of extending the lifespan of any driveway. The block paving stones were subsequently laid out by hand in a herringbone pattern. While this required a bit of time, the end result was truly stunning to behold. Our team also placed a series of white blocks around the border of the driveway. These help to lock the other stones in place while visually punctuating the surface.

The Benefits of Block Paving Stones

Block paving stones are popular for several reasons including:

• No mortar is required between the joints.
• Each stone can expand and contract with changing temperatures; virtually eliminating the chances of cracking.
• Block paving stones are offered in a kaleidoscope of colours.
• This type of paving can add value to the property itself.

The good news is that TerraBase Paving has been providing these options for over 25 years; ensuring that expertise is never taken for granted.

A Sophisticated Sense of Beauty

Although the functional advantages of block-paved driveways cannot be denied, their appeal is appeal associated with an innate sense of beauty. They will provide any home with a touch of luxury and of course, the designs can be based around the needs of the customer.

Would you like to schedule a hassle-free appointment in order to discuss your options? Are you keen to learn more about the other surfacing solutions that we have to offer? If so, be sure to speak with a representative. When quality counts, look no further than TerraBase Paving.

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